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Space produce felt and felt products, felt parts, hats and semi-finished felt, felted shoes

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S. & J. Fraenkel Wien / Ebreichsdorfer (Austria) Felt Hat Factory Hat Museum, March 10, 2017 (Par

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: How to Hand-Felt your Knits

Those French Press slippers are as cute and easy as promised. There is sort of a lot of sewing though, but at least it can be crappy sewing. I specialize in crappy sewing. I have so much practice. They really do take 90 minutes. I think I could even pick up speed as I go. Sewing on the straps and buttons takes about 15 minutes.

That should be added on too. I felted them in my front loader — even though I know that people just about turn around three times and spit when you suggest it. I threw them in with a load of towels to see what would happen. I felted them the rest of the way by hand, alternating agitating them in hot soapy water in the bathroom sink and shocking cold water in the bathtub.

That fixed almost all the troubles and got them the rest of the way down to size — really pretty evenly too. Those 20 minutes sucked pretty hard. I miss Sir Washie. The holidays are the hardest. So does my cat. They always win and they fight dirty. The hole at the side of the house is filled in. I feel a lot more Christmassy now. Thinking about a tree. Gifts for knitters, Day These really cool Knit Klips.

I have a package of them and use them all the time. I centre the seams at the back and front then clip in a few places to make sure that I sew it together evenly and that things stay aligned. Pack of those in a stocking while you toss around the phrase "mattress stitch" and I bet your knitter will be seriously impressed.

Those are beautiful! Now I want to go make a whole bunch of them. In my short knitting career, I have never had a problem felting in my front loader, thank you very much to all those nay-sayers. Like the slippers, I may have to give in and give them a try…my 20ish goddaughter would like them I think. Are you going to put anything on the bottoms so they are not slippery?

I also have the knit klips and they do make the pain of seaming less so. Mattress stitch, yo lo sabe. Congratulations on your not-hole. Very Zen. Thanks for the gratuitous cat photo. Just makes my day. We see more of your daughters than we do of that utterly gorgeous cat!

The slippers are cute, too. Those are very cute! I am a die-hard felted clog fan which are not so much for cute but are sooo comfortable. These slippers look very low on the sides — do they stay on? Would love to see a pair actually on feet — must check Ravelry. I finished felting them last night — still have the buttons to do but am already planning my second pair.

These may save Christmas. The slippers are adorable. I think I might have to make some, now. And congratulations on no longer having a hole in your house! Congratulation on: 1.

Having a whole house again instead of a hole house. Finding a killer-quick knitting project which is purely adorable for all the ladies on your Xmas list. Uh… what about the men? Congratulations on: 1. Having a whole house instead of a hole house. Finding a killer-quick knitting project for the ladies who are on your Xmas list. Pre-wash them in the kitchen sink… fill the sink with hot hot water and dish soap. Let them soak in there for a few minutes, squish them to get them filled up with soap.

Then toss them in the washing machine. One trip through, and they are felted perfectly! I felt in my front loader with no problem. I love the photo with the cat. I love the slippers! We have a pair on display at our LYS that is magenta with zebra-stripe buttons. I knitted a pair over US Thanksgiving. While I was making them, I thought to myself that this was just the sort of project The Yarn Harlot would be obsessed over. I was right. I felt everything in my front loader.

I am able to stop the cycle midway through and peer through the glass front. Then if they are done, drain the water out. Lots and lots of people pretty much everyone in the UK have front loader washing machines.

Believe me when I tell you there are plenty of knitters in the UK who use their front loaders to felt. A lot of the time its just getting to know your machine via the manual that makes it easier. Nice slippers!! Is that the Cascade that you mentioned?

Just saying…….. Maybe if the cycle finishes it will turn into a sweater! Cute slippers. So are the unfelted ones Slipper Pair 2? I may have misunderstood.

I need slippers. Those are sure cute. So cute! No lie, my daughter would wear those right out of the house. And so would I! Are you going to put leather soles on or anything? Bury the really good news at the end of the post. What a lovely holiday present for you. So glad the hole is filled in, I know what holey houses are like and have felt for you.

The slippers are lovely and thanks for showing the pre- and post-felting shot and cat photos are great, please post more! I bought this pattern a couple weeks ago. Seriously going to the yarn shop after work for some Cascade I need me some of these. OK, I bought the pattern and a-yarn-shoppin-I-will-go tomorrow. Hope mine turn out as cute as yours. So…how will you felt the second pair? Those are pretty tho….

Did those 20 minutes suck enough that it would be worth it to felt them at a laundromat next time? I mean, you could knit several pairs, and then take them all at the same time AND knit while you were waiting for the load to finish… Just curious, cause I have a front loader myself. As I own a front-load washer and have always read cautionary tales of trying to use it for felting, I felt a brief twinge of regret when I saw these slippers.

Those are damn cute slippers! Too bad I gave up felting years ago is there such a thing as felting burnout?

Discussion in ' Hats ' started by mayserwegener , Nov 10, Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds.

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Slipper Thoughts

Manufacturer, supplier, distributer and importer of qualitative range of carbon fiber, fabric, quartz fiber, fabric, bsalt fiber, Manufacturer and Exporters of Computerized Embroidery Machines. Manufacturer of Shoes. Exporter of Textile Machinery and Toothbrush. Importer of Injection Moulding Machines. Works, Dies, Moulds, Spark Erosion

How to Stiffen Felt

Prohibition of drawback of, or exemption from, customs duties. Issue of movement certificates EUR. List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating status. Joint declaration concerning the review of the changes to the origin rules as a result of the amendments to the Harmonized System. For the purpose of implementing this Agreement, the following products shall be considered as originating in an EFTA State:.

You can buy it already stiffened at the craft store, but then you are limited to the colors and sizes that they carry.

This marker has a durable aluminum barrel and a felt tip. It is not know who or how invented the felt but there is evidence that this craft is very old. Waters Industrial provides metal finishing equipment and supplies from top quality brands in the metal finishing industry. Applications: Schools The growth of the Industrial Revolution depended on the ability to transport raw materials and finished goods over long distances. More felt is I think a kit for a heavy 10 would be closer to what's needed. Woven Felt Industrial Wool Felt is moisture-repellent and flexible for automotive door and window seals and central door and window seals. There are different types of industrial sewing machines. There are some special sewing machines developed for making specific seam and stitch classes. And this bedroom from industrialhomeinc is all the proof you need that it is one of the strongest elements of the industrial look.

What is industrial felt used for

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The term textile industry from the Latin texere, to weave was originally applied to the weaving of fabrics from fibres, but now it includes a broad range of other processes such as knitting, tufting, felting and so on. It has also been extended to include the making of yarn from natural or synthetic fibres as well as the finishing and dyeing of fabrics.

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Results 1 - 12 of 25 - All sale yarns in the back room are 40% off and if purchased as a bag of ten, those have a big impact on how your finished projects feel and how warm they are. I love Uses For Felt Pieces Clearance Bags. Felting Accessories. Discover discounts on clothes, jewelry, shoes, toys and home goods.

Notice 830: tariff preference - new General System of Preference rules of origin

Young, Western Springs, Edward J. Marika, Chicago, and Richard H. Eshhaugh, Hinsdale, llr, assignors to dwlfit 8: Company, Chicago, Ill. Filed Jan. N , 17 Claims.

Lesson plan on types of fabrics

It is conceded as an axiom, that theory and practice, in the pursuit of any object, are in their natures essentially different and distinct. But at the same time they long for a mutual understanding each to confirm the assertions of the other, the consummation of all practical results being the mutual embrace and perfect reconciliation of these two attributes. The writer of these pages, being a practical hatter, desires to describe intelligibly his calling, dispensing with all technical terms, at the same time conscious of being liable to receive an unfair criticism from his brother tradesmen, although perfectly innocent on their part, resulting from the prejudices engendered by the many would-be secrets that pertain to the different work-shops, together with their various modes and methods of working, all of which most generally are but trifles merely to gain a name. The practice of a trade without a knowledge of the why and the wherefore of certain usages is a sad defect in any workman, but more especially in certain trades: Hatting being one of those which depends upon second causes for its proficiency, we venture here an explanation with perfect confidence, hoping that the fraternity of hatters will be indulgent, and that they may profit by an experience of many years in the trade, and that for one error or omission in the writing of [10] these sheets they will find compensation in the new ideas that will spring from their perusal, which may be an incentive to further improvements in the business resulting beneficially to all. Theory without practice, or practice without theory, is like groping in the dark, and perfection in no trade can be attained till every effect can be traced to its cause, and vice versa. It is much to be regretted that practical operative workmen are so diffident in writing and publishing their experience in their several trades and occupations, quietly permitting theorists ignorant of the business to glean as best they can from other parties the most intricate and complicated particulars of a trade, and hence the attempt to illustrate the most useful branches of an art often results in crude and even erroneous descriptions of things of the greatest moment, and the dissemination as correct, of that which is altogether at variance with the truth. In confirmation of the above, we may instance the manufacture of hats as described in a work of much merit, and which is accounted as worthy of all confidence, wherein the error above spoken of is but too plainly visible. Thus, in the supplement to the third edition of that most respectable work the Edinburgh "Encyclopedia Britannica," in the article Hat, an apology is made for the original treatise upon that subject, it being acknowledged as both defective and erroneous from the imperfect source of the information. Such a confession, and from such a source, sufficiently exonerates any one from egotism in an attempt to write a more perfect and correct description, coupling theory with practice; relieving the felting process from its misty obscurity by a faithful expose of the whole system: [11] well knowing that an increase of business, like free trade, will be the result of a right understanding of a formerly supposed mystery, viz.

Felt Making

Contents Introduction 8 I. The History of Felt 8 What is felt? Looking back in the history of felt 8 Living with felt 12 -. Traditional and Modern Techniques and Motifs 32 Felting with cutout shapes


The seawater resistant fibre was originally used for making twines and ropes. Cellulose acetate is the acetate ester of cellulose and was invented in It is mainly used as a synthetic fibre in textiles under the names of celanese and acetate.

US3116200A - Reconstituted leather product and method of making - Google Patents

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Beginner witch kit

Those French Press slippers are as cute and easy as promised. There is sort of a lot of sewing though, but at least it can be crappy sewing.

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