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Manufacturing factory lighting equipment

Manufacturing factory lighting equipment

They also produces rigging equipment, both fixed and motorized and cable management systems, dimmers, consoles and various electrical panels. Apart from an array of products to suit the customers exact needs Canara also provides Consultancy, Project Management, Product design, Research and Development. With more than installations across the world Canara is truly a Global Illuminator. Canara's total solution for TV studios is based on 4 decades of experience in the lighting field. Innovation and project teams, work in tandem to ensu Canara takes pride in not only p

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to solve the issue of renting industrial premises, but each case is unique.

If you want to know how to solve your particular problem, please contact the online consultant form on the right or call the numbers on the website. It is fast and free!


Ushio Europe – Innovative Industrial Light Sources

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All the assembly work and support is carried out exclusively at our factory in Contes. Looking for inspiration to illuminate an aquatic area?

Go to our page dedicated to all electricians, pool specialists, local communities and private individuals looking for completely watertight projectors.

You want to fit your green spaces with high end lighting that is reliable at all times, inside or outside? Go to the page dedicated to all landscaping professionals. Do you need a top quality projector to illuminate a building or a room? Go to our page dedicated to the latest architectural designer lighting solutions on the market. All around it, there is garden furniture adapted to aquatic environments, inflatable or rigid hot tubs. How about a glass of champagne by the swimming pool using colour changing immersed illumination via our integrated DMX variator?

Bringing the night lighting of your swimming pool alive to impress your guests and friends is a dream which is easy to realise. Our submersed spotlights allow you to benefit from low energy-consuming lighting with our LED projectors. Submersible LED projectors are the lighting solution for your swimming pool.

Have you already thought of replacing your classic swimming pool projector with one of our submersed projectors? Do you know how much money per year our LED swimming pool lights can save you? You need to think differently about submersed lighting for your guests and children. In addition, the law requires all owners of private pools to install obligatory security devices around their swimming pool. Our Orphie and Talos submersible spotlights meet these criteria.

You also have to add a submersed swimming pool alarm. The best is a security cover which closes over the swimming pool in your absence. You must fence in and cover your pool. Our submersed spotlights from the Silure and Nemo ranges can also be used in the pool machine room and the pool house.

Finally, adding this equipment can save lives and prevent drowning. However, there are still essential rules to put into practice for your security around both outdoor and indoor pools. For their safety, children should never be left unattended and must wear inflatable arm bands. Learning first aid is also necessary and useful for everyone.

With our swimming pool spotlights and their perfect illumination, any presence in or out of the water will be as visible at night as in full daylight. You can enjoy your aquatic space tranquilly, thanks to our professional and safe submersed lights.

Now our tips have been clearly outlined, you are ready to read more. Let us hear your ideas, and tastefully realize the magical lighting of your swimming pool! It is a single space where you can combine several activities centred around the swimming pool.

Your pool house can be lit with our damp-proof external spotlights and projectors such as the Dragonnet. Your space could consist of a corner for relaxation, massages, a herbal tea room, a shower, a summer kitchen. Set up a storage area , ideal for all your pool accessories! It adds an extra space to your home for a unique lifestyle around your indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

An aquatic garden, a palm tree in the centre of your swimming pool lit with our swimming pool spotlights and light effects is possible! You are on the path to perfection with a green space included! Who said that lighting your swimming pool was complicated? Do not hesitate to call in swimming pool professionals and landscape architects who will create original contemporary installations, to make your aquatic environment a magical one.

Our lighting concept Design Office will give you a 3D demonstration of the lighting for your new green space around the pool with our garden spotlights and submersed projectors before they are even installed. Our teams of professionals are here to meet all your expectations. Experience a light show of colours and magical atmospheres with our wide choice of submersible spotlights which will suit all your moods.

Our team of professionals will help you to define the perfect lighting for your swimming pool and take you on a beautiful contemporary adventure through diurnal light. If you have a swimming pool lighting project, there are a few points to improve your installation.

To make savings, opt for our LED submersed projectors and a program controller in order to switch on the lights only when you are present or when you want to simulate a presence. Wait no more and become an expert in the French made illumination of your swimming pool! Treat yourself to top of the range products to successfully light of your home, garden or even your aquatic spaces such as your pool or ponds.

You want to create your garden and swimming pool with adapted lighting which will highlight the paths and copses, plants and flowers? Choose quality and safety by selecting our high end lighting products.

How can we help you to make the right choice? Our Design Office and our experts in high end lighting are at your service. When you place your orders, please do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. You need to see the products beforehand? Please come and visit us in our showroom located in the heart of our manufacturing plant in Contes. We will show you all our high end projectors for successful luxury lighting, you only have to choose!

We love the more crazy, unconventional projects. We also wish to accompany those who have a true need of reassurance Please do not hesitate, we are at your entire disposal!

Associate our interior and exterior designer spotlights and projectors to comply with all your wishes. Our lighting products are beautifully made and will blend wonderfully into all your rooms, bedrooms, lounges, bathrooms.

Wait no longer to impress your friends! Our company has developed many models aimed at lighting professionals but also private individuals who want a true quality service.

No detail has been left to chance! Each lighting product bears our trademark like a designer brand and can be customized according to your desires. It is also possible to integrate your logo and your name, thanks to our laser engraving workshop. Finally, you might also want to have gold-plated or silver rendering in your high end spotlight and projector. Everything Is possible, even the choice of a colour to match your home. Why not plump for originality with a blue, red, yellow or even pink spotlight?

Enhance the magic of your surroundings by choosing customised top of the range internal or external lighting! Read this article to discover how to find the right company to trust with all your top of the range lighting. Our top of the range lights are all made from noble materials such as bronze, L stainless steel, brass… They are designed, developed and manufactured in small almost artisan production units.

Each product is valued as an artefact. These top of the range projectors must stand up to time, to all weather variations — humidity, heat and bad weather. The company which manufactures your lighting product will bring you made to measure know-how, availability and local service. Your problems regarding top of the range lighting, design or light management can be resolved by the services of a dedicated professional Design Office and by a methods and industrialisation office.

Your demands concerning quality will be guaranteed by a contractual commitment with the manufacturing company and the level of service you have chosen. The implementation of the ISO v standard will also ensure top quality service. It is equally important to ensure that your lighting is certified Origin France Guaranteed.

The manufacture of quality spotlights and projectors is a unique expertise which can be found in France. Managed by enthusiastic and experienced industrialists, our manufacturing plant aims to provide its clients with all the technological expertise of this family group.

In addition, we are committed to the manufacture of ecological and responsible top of the range lighting products. The excellence of high end French quality in the world of lighting is shown by the two certified labels which are the Origin France Guaranteed label and the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.

These two labels mean we can confirm that all our spotlights are made from French components. This double label means that you need not fear being misled by us concerning the choice and the quality of the lighting products that we offer you! The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant EPV label is a recognized State distinction which officially designates French companies with excellent craftmanship and industrial skills.

The Origin France guarantee d label also means that consumers can trace the origin of a product. We give an objective indication of origin because it is doubly manufactured in France.

Our company has developed models aimed at lighting professionals and private individuals looking for a genuine quality service. Each lighting product bears our trademark like a designer brand and can be customized according to your wishes. Our laser engraving workshop also enables you to integrate your logo and your name. Finally, you might also want to have gold-plated or silver rendering in your high end spotlights and Projectors.

Why not plump for originality with a blue, purple or even pink spotlight? Lighting products should have a 5 year guarantee with an effective after-sales service. A top-of-the-range service aims to take care of all its customers. Each after-sales service is important; the brand image of the company that sells you your spotlights and projectors is also important. The company must guarantee you rapid support and keep you informed as soon as possible.

In addition, it is essential to take care of every customer. Top of the range lighting products must be individually packaged so that the products ordered are in separate packets. Each spotlight is manipulated and assembled with care. Top of the range lights are treated like jewellery which we must take the greatest care of.

It is the same for a top of the range after-sales service, each customer is given outstanding care.

Achieve lower total cost of ownership with long-lasting LED luminaires. Optimize lighting design with a diverse choice of flux and beam packages. Minimize environmental impact with improved efficiency and less waste.

Complete commercial lighting solutions for industrial, warehousing, facility, office, retail, healthcare, and classroom applications. Learn More or Online Quote. Relax and play a game. Show us your high score and get free samples for your next lighting project.

Hazardous & Specialty Lighting Solutions

Apart from the architectural space itself, the luminaire choices of the architect or interior designer depend on many other factors. Like the concept or purpose of the space, and the creative mind of the designer. Every designer you ask will come up with a different lighting solution for the same space. We believe that lighting should be empowering.

Smart manufacturing vs. lights out manufacturing

All the assembly work and support is carried out exclusively at our factory in Contes. Looking for inspiration to illuminate an aquatic area? Go to our page dedicated to all electricians, pool specialists, local communities and private individuals looking for completely watertight projectors. You want to fit your green spaces with high end lighting that is reliable at all times, inside or outside? Go to the page dedicated to all landscaping professionals. Do you need a top quality projector to illuminate a building or a room? Go to our page dedicated to the latest architectural designer lighting solutions on the market.

Sheet metal component manufacturing in this field is characterized by high productivity, medium and small batches, short lead times, and flexibility for the broad range of models and custom products.

See, which brands obtain and sell their products. Imagine you could identify manufacturers based on their proven specialization and their former customers. Learn how to find your most suitable manufacturers for led lighting within minutes! This list is based on verified inside information about suppliers worldwide and can not be falsified. The largest one is Electrical apparatus; diodes, other than photosensitive or light-emitting diodes LED Hove over the chart to see the other ones:. Find reliable led lighting manufacturers based on verified information. Top Products. Top Clients. Share if you like my content!


LUGBOX products are characterized by a perfect combination of high lighting performance, competetive prices, simple mounting and high stock availability. LUG is a brand of professional luminaires, dedicated to specific application areas. LUG products are characterized by high technical parameters, energy efficiency and top-level design. LUG luminaires already at the stage of their design are created with specific application areas in mind.

Lighting is essential to your manufacturing facility. But are you aware of just how essential investing in a proper manufacturing lighting solution actually is?

Facility engineers, managers and technicians around the world depend on AZZ Lighting Systems to provide safe environments for refineries, manufacturing plants and other industrial applications. AZZ's global network of lighting distributors ensures our complete selection of industrial lighting is available when and where it's needed most. Non-metallic globe and guard lighting for hazardous and severe environments. Non-metallic, enclosed and gasketed fluorescent lighting for wet and damp locations. Skip to main content. Lighting Solutions. Class I, Division II. Class I, Zone I. Class II, Division I. Class III. Lighting Type LED.

Wholesaler of high quality LED lighting systems for both professional and many industrial facilities managers turn to SILVERSUN for customized LED lighting.

ORSTEEL Light, French manufacturer of high end LED lighting equipment

From manufacturing plants to warehouses and distribution centers, industrial facilities are always striving to do more with less, and that means working smarter, not harder. The path to productivity starts with the right light. Longer-lasting and energy efficient LED fixtures can dramatically reduce lighting energy use in your industrial facility — upward of 50 percent. Adding wireless controls to each LED fixture can keep your operation running and thinking one step ahead. Improving systemwide control over your lighting is the best way to ensure that energy demands are reduced as much as possible.

Retrofitting Made Easy

As dazzling as Cree Lighting is, the back story will leave you feeling even more warm and fuzzy. Get it here. Got questions? Our peeps know the answers and are standing by. Pick an application, any application.


Since its inception in , USHIO has garnered a worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer of specialist industrial light sources. Day to day, you will find our far-reaching solutions illuminating the silver screen with our xenon cinema projector lamps , or serving clean, affordable water to those who need it the most with one of our excimer solutions. From surface activation to thermoforming composite materials, we are in the business of making critical advancements that drive the progress of not only industrial evolution, but that of the human race too. After over 55 years of relentless innovation, that tiny spark lit by our Japanese founder, Jiro Ushio , has grown into a brilliant beam in the fields of electronics, visual imaging, and life science.

Flex Lighting Solutions develops energy-efficient, longer-lasting industrial LED high bays for all manufacturing lighting applications that increase comfort, safety and productivity of employees while reducing operating costs. Under a proper illumination, workers experience better visibility and higher concentration, increasing their accuracy and work speed. Manufacturing lighting applications require optimal light levels with good uniformity and high color rendering to detect defects or product imperfections and avoid costly errors in manufacturing and inspection tasks. Improve safety of employees by enabling a safer machine operation and preventing fall accidents with a flicker-free and well-lit factory.

The event takes place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on March , The top technological equipment allows us putting maximal emphasis on precise manufacturing and accuracy of all components for the final product.

According to the purpose of use, we produce luminaires for outdoor lighting of roads, parks and orchards, as well as industrial, interior, special and headlights. The specialty of our production program is non-explosive luminaires designed for fire and explosion hazard areas Ex , such as gas mines, chemical plants, compressor stations, oil and gas extraction and processing, nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, paint shops, paper mills, mills, etc. The offered range of luminaires including accessories is at a high technical level given by a long tradition and continuous modernization. Explosion-proof light fitting for the illumination of mine spaces with a danger of methane and coal dust explosion.

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