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Units product forgings and metal stampings

Units product forgings and metal stampings

Komatsu manufactures a wide variety of machine tools and industrial machines, which are indispensable for the production of automobiles, solar cells and semiconductors. Komatsu's transfer machines and machining centers have been delivered to engine production lines of major automakers of the world and have enjoyed their top-class evaluations. Komatsu also offers crankshaft millers for the machining of engine shafts, application-specific grinders, and solar cell and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which takes advantage of its accumulated expertise in machine tools, to slice silicon ingots. Light sources for leading-edge semiconductor lithography tools that require high resolution. Large presses are used to mold automotive bodies.

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Glossary of Forging Terms

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User Name:. Existing Users. Forgot your password? Click here. New Users. Featured Resources. Other Metal Container Manufacturing. Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing. Industrial Valve Manufacturing. Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. Construction Machinery Manufacturing. Textile Machinery Manufacturing. All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing. Other Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing. Elevator and Moving Stairway Manufacturing.

Iron and Steel Forging. Nonferrous Forging. Custom Roll Forming. Crown and Closure Manufacturing. Metal Stamping. Powder Metallurgy Part Manufacturing. Cutlery and Flatware except Precious Manufacturing. Hand and Edge Tool Manufacturing.

Saw Blade and Handsaw Manufacturing. Kitchen Utensil, Pot, and Pan Manufacturing. Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing. Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing. Plate Work Manufacturing. Metal Window and Door Manufacturing. Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing. Ornamental and Architectural Metal Work Manufacturing. Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing.

Metal Tank Heavy Gauge Manufacturing. Metal Can Manufacturing. Hardware Manufacturing. Spring Heavy Gauge Manufacturing. Spring Light Gauge Manufacturing. Machine Shops. Precision Turned Product Manufacturing. Metal Heat Treating. Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring. Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing.

Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing. Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing. Ammunition except Small Arms Manufacturing. Small Arms Manufacturing. Other Ordnance and Accessories Manufacturing. Fabricated Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing. Industrial Pattern Manufacturing. Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. Sawmill and Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing. Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturing. Paper Industry Machinery Manufacturing. Printing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing.

Food Product Machinery Manufacturing. Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing. Automatic Vending Machine Manufacturing.

Office Machinery Manufacturing. Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing. Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing. Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing. Industrial and Commercial Fan and Blower Manufacturing. Industrial Mold Manufacturing. Rolling Mill Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing.

Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing. Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing. Pump and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing. Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing. Measuring and Dispensing Pump Manufacturing. Conveyor and Conveying Equipment Manufacturing. Power-Driven Handtool Manufacturing. Welding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing. Packaging Machinery Manufacturing.

Industrial Process Furnace and Oven Manufacturing. Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Manufacturing. Fluid Power Pump and Motor Manufacturing.

Scale and Balance except Laboratory Manufacturing. Description: This U. Examples: Light gauge metal bins manufacturing, Light gauge metal drums manufacturing, Light gauge metal garbage cans manufacturing, Light gauge metal lunch boxes manufacturing, Light gauge metal mailboxes manufacturing, Light gauge metal tool boxes manufacturing, Light gauge metal vats manufacturing, Metal air cargo containers manufacturing, Metal barrels manufacturing, Vacuum bottles and jugs manufacturing. Examples: Barbed wire made from purchased wire, Chain link fencing and fence gates made from purchased wire, Metal baskets made from purchased wire, Nails, brads, and staples made from purchased wire, Noninsulated wire cable made from purchased wire, Paper clips made from purchased wire, Woven wire cloth made from purchased wire.

Examples: Complete fire hydrants manufacturing, Industrial-type ball valves manufacturing, Industrial-type butterfly valves manufacturing, Industrial-type check valves manufacturing, Industrial-type gate valves manufacturing, Industrial-type globe valves manufacturing, Industrial-type plug valves manufacturing, Industrial-type solenoid valves except fluid power manufacturing, Industrial-type steam traps manufacturing, Valves for nuclear applications manufacturing.

Examples: Fluid power aircraft subassemblies, Hose assemblies for fluid power systems fittings, Hydraulic and pneumatic hose and tube, Hydraulic and pneumatic valves. Examples: Aerosol valves manufacturing, Firefighting nozzles manufacturing, Lawn hose nozzles manufacturing, Lawn sprinklers manufacturing, Metal hose couplings except fluid power manufacturing, Metal pipe flanges and flange unions manufacturing, Plumbing and heating in-line valves e.

Examples: Foil containers except bags manufacturing, Metal hair curlers manufacturing, Metal ironing boards manufacturing, Metal pallets manufacturing, Metal pipe hangers and supports manufacturing, Metal safes manufacturing, Metal vaults except burial manufacturing, Permanent metallic magnets manufacturing, Portable metal ladders manufacturing, Steel wool manufacturing.

Examples: Combines i. Description: This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing construction machinery, surface mining machinery, and logging equipment. Examples: Backhoes manufacturing, Bulldozers manufacturing, Construction and surface mining-type rock drill bits manufacturing, Construction-type tractors and attachments manufacturing, Off-highway trucks manufacturing, Pile-driving equipment manufacturing, Portable crushing, pulverizing, and screening machinery manufacturing, Powered post hole diggers manufacturing, Road graders manufacturing, Surface mining machinery except drilling manufacturing.

Examples: Drawing machinery for textiles manufacturing, Extruding machinery for yarn manufacturing, Finishing machinery for textiles manufacturing, Knitting machinery manufacturing, Spinning machinery for textiles manufacturing, Texturizing machinery for textiles manufacturing, Weaving machinery manufacturing. Examples: Chemical processing machinery and equipment manufacturing, Cigarette making machinery manufacturing, Circuit board making machinery manufacturing, Glass making machinery e.

Examples: Carnival and amusement park rides manufacturing, Carwashing machinery manufacturing, Commercial-type coffee makers and urns manufacturing, Commercial-type cooking equipment i. Examples: Air-conditioning and warm air heating combination units manufacturing, Air-conditioning compressors except motor vehicle manufacturing, Air-conditioning condensers and condensing units manufacturing, Dehumidifiers except portable electric manufacturing, Heat pumps manufacturing, Humidifying equipment except portable manufacturing, Refrigerated counter and display cases manufacturing, Refrigerated drinking fountains manufacturing, Snow making machinery manufacturing, Soda fountain cooling and dispensing equipment manufacturing.

Examples: Home workshop metal cutting machine tools except handtools, welding equipment manufacturing, Metalworking boring machines manufacturing, Metalworking buffing and polishing machines manufacturing, Metalworking drilling machines manufacturing, Metalworking grinding machines manufacturing, Metalworking lathes manufacturing, Metalworking milling machines manufacturing.

Examples: Knives and bits for metalworking lathes, planers, and shapers manufacturing, Measuring attachments e. Examples: Assembly machines manufacturing, Cradle assemblies machinery i. Examples: Automobile lifts i. Examples: Aerial work platforms manufacturing, Automobile wrecker i. Examples: Automatic fire sprinkler systems manufacturing, Baling machinery e. Establishments making iron and steel forgings and further manufacturing e. Iron and steel forging establishments may perform surface finishing operations, such as cleaning and deburring, on the forgings they manufacture.

The following document is an industry-consensus agreement of how the forging industry would like to see itself operating in the year The document identifies strategic objectives and performance targets needed to achieve the Vision. The Forging Industry Vision forms the basis for further development of a Forging Industry Technology Roadmap which is in its final stages of development in the opening months of

This filtering tool, provided by AIDA, helps to identify which presses best meet a certain set of requirements. Selection in the four categories of Application, Tonnage, Stroke Length, and Bed Size help narrow your search for a stamping press. AIDA builds the most powerful servo motors available and incorporates them into the widest range of models available, from 80 through 3, tons capacity. AIDA DSF Servo Presses are backed by the deepest application knowledge in the industry, giving our press users the ability to fully realize all of the benefits servo presses can bring to their operations. AIDA's mechanical press solutions are available from 35 tons through 4, tons. We offer gap frame, straightside, high speed, progressive die, transfer, cold forging, blanking, tandem lines, and many other types of presses.

Industrial Machinery and Others

An official website of the United States government Here is how you know. Federal government websites often end in. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. The site is secure. The fabricated metal product manufacturing subsector is part of the manufacturing sector. Industries in the Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing subsector transform metal into intermediate or end products, other than machinery, computers and electronics, and metal furniture, or treat metals and metal formed products fabricated elsewhere.


Welcome to www. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. Germany — The company announced that its new Thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies became operational on October 1, becoming one of the largest forging businesses in the world, with sites in the Americas, Europe, India and China. Thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies comprises the previously independent Forging and Machining of Brazil and Undercarriages of Italy, both of which have been restructured in the past few months in preparation for integration.

This Statistics Explained article is outdated and has been archived - for recent articles on structural business statistics see here. This article belongs to a set of statistical articles which analyse the structure, development and characteristics of the various economic activities in the European Union EU.

Start selling. Forging and stamping is one of the most common metal processing technologies. The process of converting a semi-finished product billet into a final product can be carried out manually and mechanically. Despite the experience of the master, the volume of forged products, their mass and the complexity of the configuration are limited by the human factor. Most often, they are hand-made in comparison with ordinary copies under the order lattices, furniture elements, fences, decor. In the industry, forge-and-press equipment is widely used, with the help of which it is possible to arrange the serial production of forged products of higher volume and almost any level of complexity. Such machines us used sheet metal brake allow processing of metal without cones and hot stamping. Used forging hammers. Among all the variety of mechanisms and machines for forging, there are several criteria according to which the classification of forging and pressing equipment is conducted:.

Global Metal Stampings, Forgings, and Castings - Industrial Supplies & Accessories

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We design and build tools, jigs and fixtures for a variety of our processes and dies for metal stamping, forming, cutting and forging. The ability of precision die making and tooling enables our company to reduce the processing time for mass production as compared to its. Forgings and Metal Forming MKA is a supplier of high-quality and precision forgings for more than 25 years.

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer often a power hammer or a die. Forging is often classified according to the temperature at which it is performed: cold forging a type of cold working , warm forging, or hot forging a type of hot working. For the latter two, the metal is heated , usually in a forge. Forged parts can range in weight from less than a kilogram to hundreds of metric tons. Since the Industrial Revolution , forged parts are widely used in mechanisms and machines wherever a component requires high strength ; such forgings usually require further processing such as machining to achieve a finished part. Today, forging is a major worldwide industry. Forging is one of the oldest known metalworking processes.

(less than 1 hp) Compressors, compressor units, condensing units, fin coils, Fabricated metal products, except forgings: Metal stampings -- Pipe, valves.

forging - Import export

Refine your search. Viro has been producing high-quality hot pressed forging parts in roughing and finishing work since for technically demanding applications. As a result of our customer-centric company policy, Find out about this company. No matter how high your requirements, or how different your Welcome to six decades of induction expertise. Inductoheat Europe — Your contact for all matters relating to induction heating and heat treatment. As part of the global Inductotherm Group, we are Ercoli Bonomo, founded in , began operations with a water-powered stamp mill using the ancient traditions to work metal.

Forging and Pressing Foundry Machines

Air-lift hammer — A type of gravity-drop hammer in which the ram is raised for each stroke by an air cylinder. Because the length of stroke can be controlled, ram velocity and therefore the energy delivered to the workpiece can be varied. See also Drop Hammer and Gravity Hammer. Aircraft quality — Denotes stock of sufficient quality to be forged into highly stressed parts for aircraft or other critical applications. Such materials are of extremely high quality, requiring closely controlled, restrictive practices in their manufacture in order that they may pass rigid requirements, such as magnetic particle inspection.

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