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Manufactory building colognes and scented and toilet waters

Manufactory building colognes and scented and toilet waters

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How to Make Perfume

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The sales personnel at most of the perfume counters know the regulars. They come in, some of them daily and others weekly, to sniff delicately and spray liberally. Sampling, they say. There are, among them, purists who favor only one fragrance, constantly faithful despite temptations that line the way.

There are, too, the adventurous, who try a new scent with each visit. No spirit of loyalty here. And then there are the creators. What Patou and Guerlain and Dior and Lauder have wrought just isn't good enough.

It's a whiff here, a splash there, a smidgin somewhere else and finally, a finishing soupcon. The samplers enjoy fragrance and consider themselves legitimate, as indeed they are. They have nothing but scorn for another group known as the stealers. The stealers are beyond the pale. Not only do they physically remove property but their interest is in prestige, rather than scent. They are well aware that the large Joy perfume containers used for displays are dummies.

No matter. As well it should. On the other hand, the huge, almost quartsize Joy dummies are rarely stolen. But the company gets numerous requests to make up the size with real perfume. Patou won't do it. Lockman said succinctly.

It would also be impractical, according to Luiz Gastal, the manager of La Banque Continentale, who is something of a perfume maven and more knowledgeable than most on the subject.

Arthur Logan, wife of the surgeon; Mrs. Robert Scull and Ina Balin, the television and motion picture actress, who also likes Norell cologne and Piguet's Bandit. His most recent favorite Revillon's Carnet de Bal, and his wife agrees. John Swearingen of Chicago. Swearingen is the wife of the chairman of the Standard Oil Company Indiana.

Until the enterprising manufacturer comes along, Mrs. Swearingen gets along with Lancome's Fidji and Norell. During the colder months, she changes to Replique.

But as Mrs. Swearingen often serves her husband's breakfast wearing nothing more than an apron and an emerald, the additional weight isn't cumbersome. At one time, Replique was the favorite perfume of Patricia McBride, a principal dancer of the New York City Ballet Company, but she never used it when she was around George Balanchine, the artistic director of the company.

Balanchine has himself said that he gives the girls in the ballet different perfumes so that he will know where they are. Cynthia Gregory's fans keep her wellstocked with her favorite Norell, but during her performances as principal dancer of the American Ballet Theater, she uses scents she considers compatible to the role. Beverly Sills's preference for gardeniascented Fracas also favored by Carrie Donovan of Harper's Bazaar magazine is partly nostalgia. Her husband bought her a now unavailable gardenia perfume during their honeymoon.

Tuvache's Jungle Gardenia scent. Nelson Rockefeller has already discovered Diorella, a new Dior fragrance to be introduced here this fall.

Dior is also the choice of Mrs. John V. Lindsay when she buys perfume or her husband buys it for her. The scent she prefers Diorissimo. Guerlain's Liu, in limited distribution here. Robert Kennedy's favorite. Since her marriage. Helen Gurley Brown, editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, has used Arpege because her husband likes it and can now afford it. But, added Mrs Brown. Both Gillis McGill Mrs. Bruce Addison , a former model who has her own agency, and Mrs.

Wyatt Cooper, who paints and designs under the name of Gloria Vanderbilt, are unhappy because Mary Chess has discontinued its Tuberose scent. His wife, however, won't be left scentless. Clinique's Aromatics completes her list. Continued on page The fragrance used by Estee Lauder is familiar but not immediately recognizable. By chance, her husband, the head of Revlon, owns all three.

He is also behind Ciara, a perfume to be introduced this fall and now being tested by Mrs. When you're up and active at 5 AM. But later on, she starts applying Coty's Muguet des Bois. Bruce Cooper , another former model who has her own agency.

Miss Parnis is happy with Bal de Tete toilet water. Perfunie is an unhappy subject for Mrs. Elmer Bobst. She had a special refrigerator installed to hold her fragrances and has now discovered that scent irritates the lining of her sinuses.

Perhaps the most ambivalent person on the subject of perfume is Gloria Swanson. But, she added. Days go by when I don't use perfume just a good decent soap.

I'm a nut See the article in its original context from August 26, , Page Buy Reprints. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Bella Abzug is another Arpege fan, but she uses the cologne. Addison said. Cooper isn't mourning the demise.

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have attempted to mask or enhance their own odor by using perfume, which emulates nature's pleasant smells. Many natural and man-made materials have been used to make perfume to apply to the skin and clothing, to put in cleaners and cosmetics, or to scent the air. Because of differences in body chemistry, temperature, and body odors, no perfume will smell exactly the same on any two people.

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How To Create A Signature Scent Or Custom Branded Fragrance

Dora Dockhand and Dolly Deb are neck and neck at the perfume counter. It's a million-dollar scramble, and the manufacturer wins. Leading a man to the altar literally by his nose probably started with Eve, but what has happened to the perfume business since then is enough to make the ancients revolve in their shrouds. But even this is only a small slice of the perfume melon.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the Medicine and Science Collections -- Fragrance

Why spend a fortune on perfume or cologne when you can make your own for cheap. Instead of wearing a fragrance that everyone else wears you can make your own unique blend. Your own aromatic creations also makes a thoughtful gift. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Fragrance ingredients are commonly added to many personal care products to provide a pleasant scent, including those intended for babies. While fragrance chemicals have a long history of safe use, at sufficiently high concentrations some may act as respiratory irritants or sensitizers.

Scroll to bottom for links to share this page on Facebook and other sites. You will be doing your body a favor, cleaning up the air and the environment, and also helping the millions of people struggling with Chemical Sensitivities and related illnesses, some you may know and some you may not. You will be making a world of difference. For those of you who want to go completely fragrance-free, I will give you a lot of detail here. If you feel overwhelmed by it all, here are the four most important changes you can make:. Most l ikely you will feel your own health improving from these four steps as well, and will want to explore going further. The next several sections offer a step-by-step guide f or reducing your chemical and fragrance footprint. Essential Oils: Many chemically sensitive people can tolerate products that are not labeled fragrance-free, but only contain scents from organic essential oils, which are made from plants, flowers, and other natural sources.

What ingredients are in Charmin?

The sales personnel at most of the perfume counters know the regulars. They come in, some of them daily and others weekly, to sniff delicately and spray liberally. Sampling, they say. There are, among them, purists who favor only one fragrance, constantly faithful despite temptations that line the way.

But how does one get started creating a signature fragrance or scent? Aye, there is the fragrant rub, as one very eloquent Elizabethan bard used to say. They want to smell like themselves.

This glossary defines some commonly used terms in the world of perfume and fragrance. We will add to it when new terminology is introduced in the industry. Processed by means of enfleurage, alcohol extraction or steam distillation. ACCORD: A combination of raw materials blended together to find the proper balance and effect a perfumer desires when creating a fragrance. When the materials are properly mixed, they are said to be in accordance with each other. ACCORD 2 : A balanced complex of 3 or 4 notes that loose their individual identity to create a completely new unified odor impression. Analogous to the musical terminology where several notes are combined to create a single tone that is part of a complete composition. Basically, an aldehydic fragrance may be one to which aldehydes have been added because of their brilliance and incisive effect.

May 11, - a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to impart a pleasant smell to one's body or clothes.

Ecolution® Pro Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner - Fragrance Free - 20 GL drum

This section includes products such as perfumes, aftershaves, and powders. The text below provides some historical context and shows how we can use these products to explore aspects of American history. Perfumes were one of the first cosmetic products to be carried by American pharmacies. Oils such as lavender, rose, sandalwood, and musk were used in toilet waters, as well as to camouflage the less-agreeable scents of various salves and ointments. These oils were also used as flavoring for other medicinal products. Before then, people who could afford to mask body odors did so with perfumes applied directly to clothing and handkerchiefs. Soap manufacturers also added fragrances to make their toilet soaps more appealing and to scent the skin of the user. By the s, name brand cosmetics and hair products were steadily making their way onto the shelves of American pharmacies, and many of these powders, pomades, creams, lotions, and shampoos were perfumed. The development of synthetic scents and new scent extraction technologies made perfumes less expensive to produce and purchase.

Scent Appeal

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Eau de toilette

Ancient texts and archaeological excavations show the use of perfumes in some of the earliest human civilizations. Modern perfumery began in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds such as vanillin or coumarin , which allowed for the composition of perfumes with smells previously unattainable solely from natural aromatics alone.

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